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Insurance Coverage for Social Engineering Scams

Ken Kronstadt authored the Westlaw Journal Insurance Coverage article “Insurance Coverage for Social Engineering Fraud,” discussing recent court decisions regarding insurance coverage for social engineering fraud and what policyholders can do to increase the likelihood of getting coverage for losses resulting from social engineering fraud and other computer related scams. Ken notes that while a few courts have … Continue Reading

Safety Nets for Fallen Stars: AIG Announces Celebrity Product RecallResponse Insurance Policy

Yesterday, American International Group, Inc.’s (AIG) Commercial Insurance division announced the rollout of new insurance product, dubbed Celebrity Product RecallResponse, which is “designed to help customers respond to risks from a celebrity endorser’s public fall from grace, scandal, or unexpected death.” In essence, the “scandal insurance” helps curb the losses that a brand may face … Continue Reading

Attack Of The Drones: Commercial Use Of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Will Have Insurance Implications

Today, the Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted regulatory exemptions for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations to four companies seeking to use UAS technology for aerial surveying, construction site monitoring and oil rig flare stack inspections. This decision follows on the heels of the FAA’s announcement in late September, when it granted exemptions … Continue Reading

Copyright Protection For Fictional Characters

What distinguishes James Bond from Sam Spade of The Maltese Falcon?  Both of these iconic fictional characters have appeared in numerous media formats – including books, radio, television and film – and have been portrayed by multiple actors in films since their creation.  Under copyright law, however, only one of these characters – James Bond … Continue Reading

Interference With Contract Claims Concerning Copyrightable Subject Matter Are Likely Preempted In The Ninth Circuit

The Copyright Act gives owners of a copyright the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and prepare derivative works of the copyrighted materials, among other things. It is not uncommon for parties to enter into contracts to protect the exact same rights that are protected by the Copyright Act – prohibiting one or more parties from … Continue Reading