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NAD Addresses Disclosures in Native Ads

When the FTC issued its guidance on native advertising last year, the Commission emphasized the importance of ensuring that consumers are able to distinguish ads from editorial content. If the line between the two gets blurred, companies may need to label ads as such. Where the label is placed can be critical, because the FTC … Continue Reading

Scalia’s Death Leaves High Court in Limbo on Three Key Consumer Class Actions

While the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia creates an immediate vacancy on the bench, it also likely leaves the high court’s docket in limbo on a number of key consumer class actions awaiting the Court’s decision. Many predict that President Obama will not be able to replace Scalia before the 2016 Presidential … Continue Reading

Holiday Wrapping Papers: FTC Wraps Up 2015 with Native Advertising Guidance

Yesterday, the FTC released two new guidance documents: (1) Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements, and (2) Native Advertising: A Guide for Businesses.[1] The Policy Statement seeks to address the broad area of “advertising and promotional messages integrated into and presented as non-commercial content.”[2]  The Business Guide more narrowly addresses native advertising, which the FTC … Continue Reading