First Lady Melania Trump reportedly has settled her lawsuit against the British tabloid newspaper, Daily Mail, for about $2.9 million plus costs.

Mrs. Trump originally filed her lawsuit in September 2016 in Maryland based on allegations that Daily Mail, among others, had republished defamatory statements when it reported rumors that she had previously worked as a high-end escort.  The Maryland court ultimately dismissed the action against Daily Mail on jurisdictional grounds.  A discussion of that decision may be found here.

Mrs. Trump subsequently re-filed the lawsuit in February 2016 in New York, claiming damages of at least $150 million.

In addition to agreeing to pay the alleged settlement amount, Daily Mail has issued an apology in which it stated that:  “We accept that these allegations about Mrs [sic] Trump are not true and we retract and withdraw them.”  Daily Mail’s entire apology may be found here.